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1924 Studebaker Special 6 EL Touring Car

We're excited to announce that we've finished our most challenging restoration yet - a 1924 Studebaker Special 6 EL Touring Car that we purchased in 2009. Awarded Best of Division at the 2017 Studebaker Drivers Club International Meet in South Bend, IN with a perfect score of 400 out of 400, it is perfectly restored and is just one of a handful of these rare cars registered with the Antique Studebaker Drivers Club.  

This stunning classic is complete with wood spoke wheels, a beautiful lush green finish and black trim with gold pinstripes,a light tan Hartz convertible top, wood and metal construction, as well as leather interior,  the 1924 Special 6 EL Touring Car featured seating for 5 passengers powered by a 289 CID Straight 6-cyl engine.  We restored all of the body, stainless steel restoration, chrome, wheels, and interior ourselves.  The engine restoration and paint were contracted.

1949 Champion Regal Deluxe Convertible

The 1949 Studebaker Champion Regal Deluxe convertible had a total off-frame complete restoration by owner with the exception of the exterior paint.  This car was rescued from a rural Joplin, MO chicken coop in 1986.  While it ran, there was no top, no seats, no brakes, and the block was cracked. The car was restored to its original show room condition, exact to authenticity featuring a Copper Mist Metallic color (the first year for Studebaker metallic paints), tan leather interior and new rag top.

The restoration was completed in 1988 and the car made its debut at the Studebaker Drivers Club (SDC) International Meet in South Bend, Indiana.  South Bend  was the location of the Studebaker Corporation and assembly before it’s close in 1965.  This car was judged by a group of judges that included the man who formerly worked for Studebaker, and had in fact, written the manual for the 1949 Studebakers!  The car was awarded “Best of Show” there in South Bend; at the SDC International Meet in 1991 in Springfield, MO, it  took “Best of Division”.   Best of Show awards were discontinued by the SDC allowing only Best of Division as it’s top award.  In 1994, at the SDC in Minneapolis, MN, this car was awarded Best of Division.

1949 2R5 1/2-Ton Pickup Truck

The 1949 ½ Ton Studebaker Pickup Truck off-frame total restoration was completed in 2006.
It had been purchased in Kansas City, MO in 1997, was not running, was a medium blue color,  and was a farm vehicle.  Being a farm truck, there were plenty of dents and dings to be repaired.  An overdrive transmission was installed and I rebuilt the engine.  All glass was replaced.  This vehicle was restored to authentic show room quality and received “Best of Division” at the SDC Int’l. Meet in Omaha, NE in 2007, scoring 398 points out of a possible 400; In 2007 at the South Bend SDC Int’l. Meet it received a “First Place Award” with 397 points!

1953 Studebaker Commander Hardtop (K-Body)

The 1953 Studebaker Commander Hardtop was located in Bettendorf, IA.  It had been owned by a “little old lady” who drove it mostly on Sundays, but parked it in a garage with two swinging doors, which consistently banged against the car doors on both sides, coming and going to the garage, leaving many dinges and dents all along the sides of the car!!  The 1953 had a total off-frame restoration.  I installed an after market A/C, and the chrome and stainless on this car was the first I fully restored myself.  The car is painted Glenbrook green (which was a 1957 color for Studebaker) with a Monteray beige top, white vinyl interior with new black carpet.   In 1992 at the SDC International meet in South Bend and at the 1995 SDC International Meet in Dearborn, MI it received First Place Awards.

1957 Studebaker Golden Hawk (K-Body)

The 1957 Studebaker Golden Hawk was perhaps the most challenging restoration encountered.  While the car was acquired in 1989 from an owner in Rockford, IL, it had been dismantled and parted out.  Due to serious health problems surfacing right after buying this car, it sat in its dismantled condition for some time.  When work began a few years later, it required another shell (from Oklahoma); another motor (from Oregon, IL);  a different hood and overlay (from Arizona); different doors and interior (from Minnesota) different deck lid and NOS rear fenders (from So. Bend); and NOS fins from Ohio!  Following the completion of the off-frame restoration, it was awarded “Best of Division” at the SDC International Meet in Dallas, Texas in 1998; “Best of Division” in 1999 at the SDC International Meet in Rapid City, SD and “Best of Division” in 2000 at the SDC International Meet in Madison, WI.  It was awarded First Place in 2004 at the SDC Int’l in Charlotte, SC  I fully restored chrome and stainless trim.  Again, all work was done to authentic show room quality including paint colors interior and exterior, and exact upholstery.

1963 Studebaker Avanti R1

The 1963 Avanti R1 was acquired in Melrose Park, IL.  While the previous owner had begun restoration, as the new owner, I did a total off-frame restoration, completing it in 2001.  This is a fiberglass body car and was a Studebaker’s offering as a ‘Family Sports Car’.   When purchased, this car was gold.  As the new owner, I stripped the entire car, having  it painted black with fawn interior.  While the interior was  restored  including new upholstery and new black carpet, the original door panels, dash & ceiling were retained – in excellent condition.  This car has factory A/C, and when completed in 2001, it was awarded “Best of Division” at the SDC Int’l. Meet in Red Wing, MN; and again in 2002 at the SDC Int’l. Meet in South Bend, IN.  Stainless steel restoration and chrome restoration work was done by owner.


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