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Snyder Studebaker Parts is a unique provider of fully restored, hard-to-find 1949-1962 Studebaker Car chrome and stainless steel moldings, grill parts, and more with special emphasis on C & K models. We take pride in providing our customers with carefully restored parts -- not reproductions -- to ensure the highest levels of quality and authenticity for serious Studebaker restorations.

Snyder Studebaker Parts restores parts only and does not provide full vehicle restorations.

Dick Snyder, owner, is an internationally known Studebaker Restoration expert, award winner and judge for Studebaker International and has been carefully restoring Studebaker parts, cars and trucks since 1986.


1924 Studebaker EL Touring Car Wins 2017 SDC Annual Meet With Pefect Score

Our latest restoration - a 1924 Studebaker Special 6 EL Touring Car was awarded Best of Division at the 2017 Studebaker Drivers Club International Meet in South Bend, IN on May 7, 2017 with a perfect score of 400 out of 400.

The win caps off a restoration project that began with the purchase of the vehicle in 2009 and numerous challenges along the way as this perfect restoriation is just one of a handful of these rare cars registered with the Antique Studebaker Drivers Club.

To learn more about this 1924 Studebaker EL Touring Car, see the OUR STUDEBAKERS page.


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